Sunday, July 28, 2013

Prayers for Rome's Finest Female Tour Guide: Kiron Rathnam

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Just a few days ago Kiron was hit by a Roman taxi driver and is in immediate need of serious prayers.

For people who have met or know her, tourists or pilgrims alike who have been on her tours or experienced her Roman hospitality, everyone has the same thing to say: "This lady is simply one of the coolest people on the face of the planet earth."

Meet Kiron Rathnam, Rome's finest female tour guide - in any language.  Hands down e basta.

An extremely talented tour guide, Kiron once even brought a friend of mine to tears - filled with the deepest and most tender emotion - while on Kiron's absolutely exceptional Scavi tour in the Vatican grottoes. 

Kiron has been described as end of an empire.  Bombay circa 1930s.  Very cute and sweet, with her smile, good humor, and summertime umbrella.  A perfect Catholic lady.  I have been on her tours and they are most impressive. 

What makes Kiron the finest of Rome/Vatican tour guides?

She has all of it in one person which is very rare today:  the charm, wit, brains, humor, good looks, accent, punctuality, purity of heart, orthodoxy, tact, bearing, education, comportment, credentials, gift with languages, sanctity and holiness and knowledge and modesty, humility, and catholicity. 

Sadly, there is a dearth of such tour guides in Rome and the Vatican today.  We need to talk about this and it needs to be addressed by the Musei Vaticani.  This situation has proven a huge problem of titanic proportions, considering the titanic levels of tourists, and the daily rubbish they are fed from biased and mostly stupid and too often ignorant anti-Catholic and ultimately anti-Christian licensed tour guides.

The non-practicing "Catholic" Italian tour guide has proven half the problem.  You may even call them legion, for they are many.  In fact, most of these guides are not even practicing Catholics.  The Whig interpretation of history reigns supreme in the English-speaking world of history telling and this is what you get, even in the Vatican Museums. 

Because such a lack exists, tour guides such as Kiron fill the gap and save the day when they swing in on the chandelier.  Kiron wins the day for truth when she takes a faithful Catholic pilgrim on a once in a lifetime tour to the Vatican and gives them the tools and information during her time with them to see the full picture and so the capability to connect the dots and ultimately to get it.

In short, truth is better than fiction.  And this is what you get in the Vatican with Kiron Rathnam, the very finest of the finest and a woman I am proud to call a very close and dear friend.

She ought to have a senior position at the MV in my humble opinion.  


  1. Dear Kiron,
    you are in our hearts and prayers!

  2. I remember Kiron. (I also remember the terrifying driving style of some Roman taxi drivers.) She's in my prayers.

  3. I'm italian, I work with english speaking tourists in Sicily, I'm catholic. Unfortunately I have never met her. I will pray for the sweetest and bravissima Kiron with all my heart. Cristina

  4. Italian schools have been teaching the Whig Interp of history for almost 150 years (since the Masonic takeover in 1870).

  5. We visited kiron on Monday. she looked better. very serene. and it was very heartening to see so many friends come visit here. In the brief time that we were there...about half any given time there were at least 4 people to see her. People she had met at random....some Italian guide she met a couple of times in front of st. peters, a couple of people working at Castel San angelo, a friend of a was so encouraging....apart from friend so many well wishers have taken the time to come pray and read to her. There were brief moments when one thought she would just wake up. And while talking to her I am sure she hears us because there would be slight changes in the monitor displays. Am sure she will be recovering soon.

  6. Prayers and best wishes to Kiron. On my visits to Roma in 2011 and 2012 used Dark Rome Tours for specific guided tours including on both occasions the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. I found no offensive bias in any of their commentaries. However on my next visit in 2014 or 2015 I would like to use the services of Kiron of whom you speak so well and highly. God heal her quickly.