Friday, February 15, 2013

Rome Quotes

"As history in fact shows, whenever an individual Church has cut itself off  from the universal Church and from its living and visible center - sometimes with the best of intentions, with theological, sociological, political or pastoral arguments, or even in the desire for a certain freedom of movement or action - it has escaped only with great difficulty (if indeed it has escaped) from two equally serious dangers.  The first danger is that of a withering isolationism, and then, before long, of a crumbling away, with each of its cells breaking away from it just as it itself has broken away from the central nucleus.  The second danger is that of losing its freedom when, being cut off from the center and from the other Churches which gave it strength and energy, it finds itself all alone and a prey to the most varied forces of slavery and exploitation."

-Evangelii Nuntiandi, 64.

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