Monday, February 11, 2013

"Non Lasciarmi, Papa: i Militanti Cattolici Ti Acclamano!"

Baby took the news today as we all did: with grief and shock.

"Beatus Petrus!" she exclaimed.

Now baby von Sonnen has a message for the world: "Calling on all cardinals to re-elect him.  Benedict XVI, now gloriously reigning, we love you.  Beatus Christi famulus, sanctus Petrus apostolus, insignis hac praecipuus Christi amore agnitus!"


  1. Your little child is precious. Of course you and her mother know. May God bless your family. God bless the Church and Pope Benedict. +amen+

  2. God bless Pope Benedict and future Cardinal von Ratzinger!

  3. Cousin Hannah says "oh she is beautiful, she has gotten so big!" Sending love from Minnesota