Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ad Mvltos Annos! Axios!

Many hearty congrats to a very fine priest.  The finest in the Vatican. 

Was always nice to see him in Rome before Sede Vacante 2005 - always wearing his Roman cassock - and with a smile.  A beautiful thing.

And every time I asked him for a photo, he never said no, but quipped with a warm smile, "Brevemente."


  1. This is beautiful. I wanted to witness it via video. Is it videoed? Someone had commented that +Ganswein is young to be made Archbishop. I am glad that you posted that he is a very fine priest and was always nice to see him. Though I've only seen him in photo or video his lovely smile has always made me smile."A beautiful thing." Thanks.

  2. I commented on this a couple of days ago but comment didn't post. I hope I did not say anything 'wrong'. I surely did not mean to. I liked the picture and your comments. It all made me feel happy.