Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Steady As She Goes, Mates


  1. This would not happen to be directed at we reeling Catholics in the US during the morning after....

  2. Obama with the majority of the Catholic vote!

    So much for all of the delusional nonsense about how Vatican II made the laity so conscious about their role in witnessing to the faith in the public arena.

    Also, so much for the "munus docendi" of the bishops. You reap what you sew! Damage was severe and wounds still run deep from the years of mixed messages sent by the "Bernardin" bishops that empowered dissenters and wretched nominal Catholic politicians - and thanks especially for the decades of horrible catechesis; I'm sure a lot of 18y/o Catholic school grads pulled the lever for the first time for Obama and for the gay marriage and pot referendums.