Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stanisław Cardinal Dziwisz at Usus Antiquior

Very nice to hear of this Mass and to see the photos here:

The Mass was celebrated on November 11 in Krakow.  His Eminence had some tender things to say about the Extraordinary Form. 

I always liked Cardinal Stan.  It was thanks to him that I had the honor to meet Blessed John Paul II on January 5, 1999.  I was just a college student at the time.  He always took the time to telephone and invite numerous persons each morning to join the Holy Father for Holy Mass in his private chapel in the Apostolic Palace.  To my death, I will be grateful to him for this noble service - and for having called me, a nobody.  And then he was so nice as he greeted us as we entered the papal apartment.  He spoke English and asked each of us where we were from.  Then he remembered where each person was from, as he introduced each of us individually to the Holy Father.  With a twinkle in his eye, the Holy Father quipped in English, "Happy New Year!"

What can I say?  Polonia est semper fidelis.  Grazie mille, Eminenza!  

Deeper understanding of the liturgy, placed squarely within the context of the mystery of the Church, is most clearly visible in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman rite, as well as in the Eastern rites.  These rites have a dignity all their own by reason for their ceremonies.  The youth of today have need of this deeper understanding AND dignity. 

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