Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fatherhood: A Gift from Above

Praise the Lord!  Being a dad is the greatest joy.

Yours truly was in tears the moment Baby von Sonnen was born.  

If you are a single guy, maybe lost or wavering, consider Holy Matrimony.

The grace of the sacrament will carry you.  Your destiny awaits you!

Gloria, laus, et honor tibi sit, Rex Christe Redemptor: Cui puerile decus prompsit hosanna pium.  (Glory, praise and honour to Thee, O King Christ, the Redeemer: to whom children poured their glad and sweet hosanna's song).

Yours truly was lost for many years.  But was finally led to the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.  It does a man good.  Consider it.  Be open.  Deus providebit!


  1. ...Anastasia, et omnibus Sanctis tuis...

  2. Congrats, and may your blessings be many

  3. Welcome to the club!

  4. Sono Anna Maria della DOMUS MARIAE di Castel Gandolfo. Tanti santi auguri per la bellissima bambina :)

  5. Yes, well, you kind of, you know, need a woman that's willing to marry you! :-)

    Congrats to you and momma on the beautiful little one!