Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rome's Synagogue Saved by Venerable Pius XII

How did Rome's synagogue escape sure destruction during the war? Venerable Pius XII saved it under legal pretext and this story has yet to be told.


  1. with all respect to the alleged efforts of Pius XII, i think the expression "sure destruction" is an exageration. in many European cities the synagoges were saved despite all the local Jews being exterminated (Vienna is a good example, a city that of course was part of the Reich). This is because it was more important for the nazis to kill humans than to destruct buildings. The deportations and lootings were not necessaryly combined with some sort of Krystalnacht.

  2. In Sarajevo the Nazis blew up the synagogue.

  3. About nine years ago I went on a tour of that synagogue and they really tried to pan Pius xii.