Friday, February 25, 2011

Catholic Culture: Chivalry

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  1. It is nothing to be proud about. it was just a terrible barbaric tradition that the Church had to sanctify if it wanted to survive in the West.

    They vowed to protect the weak and serve the Church, but what they did was rape and pillage abroad, opression and exploitation at home while being allways ready to fight against anyone, their own king or the Pope himself, if they were well payed. And they did all this with an attitude.


  3. The "rape and pillage" and "terrible barbaric tradition" is nothing but anti-Catholic garbage.

  4. To appreciate the value of the concept of chivalry, one need only look
    to those contemporary societies that were without it. The Muslims,
    the Golden Horde, the states in the Far East--all were places where
    life was cheap, to be a woman was to be a chattel, and the concept of
    inalienable and universal human rights would have been laughed at.
    A peasant in medieval Europe may have had a hard life, but unlike his
    fellows overseas, he was never a slave--and he had rights.

    That said, I'll agree with Dorothy Sayers, who in one of her mystery
    novels had her famous character Lord Peter Whimsey remark
    that "nine-tenths of chivalry is men wanting to have all of the fun".

  5. I don't think that the first commenter was faulting so much the concept of chivalry, as he was the actual practice, or rather, non-practice of it that often prevailed.

    As for the fourth commenter, please, contribute a thought, not what appears, at least, to be an emotionally out-of-control snarl.

  6. Many authors that pushed chivalry were clerics as a means to civilize barbaric soldiers, in order to channel their virile energies into morally good actions. Chivalry had a good effect, even if not always effective. You cannot tame the warlike soul in a few years, human culture does not work that way, something modern social engineers should keep in mind. In the end chivalry was a very good thing, an evangelization of culture.

  7. Nothing at all wrong with chivalry, we need more manners. Just remember that some women are not called to marriage or religious life, OK?