Thursday, October 11, 2018

Homosexualist Art Wins the Day at Santa Maria Maggiore

In 2016 these goofy doors were installed in St. Mary Major -- leading from the gift shop to the outdoor VIP parking, public restrooms and museum.  Countless tourists and pilgrims walk by here every day.  An employee complained to me about it.  I, too, was mortified and did not know what to say.  Who could find this attractive?  A connoisseur of homo erotic art?  The boy-toy image with engorged head and Adam's apple could not be any more obvious.  And the New Age symbols?  Does any parent think this is wholesome for their kids to look at?  How embarrassing for any Catholic trying to keep their sense about them in this age of clerical sexual perversion and homosexual scandal and Vatican silence.  Needless to say, this unnecessary addition replaced gorgeous antique doors that did not need to be replaced.  Who is paying for this?  Us?  Vatican slush fund money?  One more nice thing destroyed.  The artist is "P. Patriarca."  Someone should find out who he is and what he's into.

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  1. Disgusting. Upon closer observation. Even more disgusting.