Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Best of Mexico City


Every tour to Mexico City is a bit different, making each experience totally unique. 

Because we strive for the BEST possible tour, we are always looking for new ideas, inside tips and fresh recommendations from the locals. 

Our good priest friend living in Mexico City, Fr. Ken Fryar, FSSP offered us this great advice for Catholic pilgrims to see 3 "off the beaten path" sites while visiting Mexico City on pilgrimage.

1. One is the Church of the Fifth Apparition (Santuario de la Quinta Aparición Guadalupana, aka Santa Maria Tulpetlac). Although a very simple building, this church was built over the house of Juan Diego's uncle, Juan Bernardino, whom Our Lady also appeared to. Under the altar is a "healing" well, a fount of special water.

2. The Virrienato Museum (Museo Nacional del Virreinato) is located in Tepotzotlán, about 40 km northeast of Mexico City. Located in an old monastery, it is worth a visit. The Jesuits built this complex in the 1580s, giving pilgrims a rare glimpse of how they set up their mission centers at that time, with a strong focus on education. To see everything requires a good amount of time. Objects to see include art, altarpieces and colonial artifacts.

3. The third one is the house of Juan Diego (Santuario El Cerrito Casa de San Juan Diego), located in Cuautitlán, on the edge of the greater Mexico City urban area. Juan Diego lived here with his wife Maria Lucia until she died in 1529. The excavations of the one-room mud house still exist and have been preserved under the old church for all to see. Next door is a new church that is not so nice to see, but that is another matter!

Thank you, Fr. Fryar for these great tips! We will do our best to incorporate them into future tour itineraries.

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