Thursday, November 16, 2017

Where Bishop Fulton Sheen Lived in New York City

East 43rd Street at St. Agnes rectory, located near the UN and Grand Central Station. 


  1. These pictures bring back so many fond memories. I attended St. Agnes Boys High School on East 44th street in the late 1960s. We used to take a shortcut through the church to get to the school, which was connected to the church by a side corridor. A fire destroyed the original St Agnes church in the late 1990s, but the church was rebuilt with the help of the late Cardinal O'Connor. Sadly, the school buildings were sold to a developer around 2000-2001 and replaced with a luxury highrise apartment building. I suppose you can't stop progress. It's also worth noting that the former president of Ireland, Eamon DeValera, was born in New York City and baptized at St. Agnes in 1888. The original St. Agnes church had a plaque commemorating this auspicious occasion; however, I don't know if the rebuilt church has anything denoting this event.