Monday, November 27, 2017

Knights: Where to Order Your Formal Dress Wear (White Tie)

Ede & Ravenscroft in London, England, since 1689.  Located near the Royal Courts and the London School of Economics.  Great place to visit:


  1. buying a tail coat from a taylor with royal appointment can´t make you look any more dignified if you have such an oddly shaped body. neither can it make you look like someone from a good family if you stuff your trouser-pocket like some 8 year old american farmer boy would.

    In theory, being a knight should be about protecting those in need and practicing charity. I find it troubling to see a man who has never seen military combat to go around with medals all over him and who`s idea of showing how charitable he is is to brag about having spent 800 pounds on a tailcoat to cover his ever fatter body

  2. A true German with beer, Prosit!