Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Great Catholic Layman: Alphonse J. Matt

My family knew the Matt family because both families were longtime parishioners at the stately German parish in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, the church of the Assumption.  The Assumption is where Der Wanderer was founded and published from.  When the liturgical reform hit home, the Al Matt family left the Assumption for another nearby German parish, the church of St. Agnes.

Al's dad, Joseph, was one of the most distinguished parishioners at the Assumption.  In 1926, in recognition of his great contribution to the Church as editor of The Wanderer, Pope Pius XI made him a Knight of St. Gregory.

My ancestors have read The Wanderer from its first issue.  And to think it was started by Benedictines of St. John's Abbey from Collegeville, when they had the pastorship of the Assumption!

The Matt family does good work and our family continues to support them fully.  Our family plots are next to each other in Minnesota.  God bless Alphonse J. Matt.  He fought the good fight and his untimely passing was too soon.  May his memory be eternal!       

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