Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Alma Mater Saint Agnes Schools in Saint Paul (USA)

"I visited my old high school St. Agnes this afternoon including its new wing built where the old gymnasium / auditorium used to be. Truly impressive changes from top to bottom, the structure merely the shell housing a rigorous academic and spiritual core. The curriculum is now classically-oriented and Latin is taught to all younger students, and there is even a year of Greek available as an elective for seniors. Choir is as accomplished as ever, with a strong band complementing it.  Crucifixes and other Catholic devotional effects are in every classroom, total school enrollment K-12 is up to nearly 800 from substantially less than that when I attended, and everyone seems on board with the direction of the school. Nice to see a few of my old teachers too. God bless St. Agnes in its continued faithful pursuit of a true counter-cultural Christian witness in both liturgy and education! May many souls be positively influenced by its witness!"

-John Kusske

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