Monday, February 6, 2017

A Day in Old Havana

A traditional Cuban highball and cigar, is just what the doctor ordered when in Rome.

The Cuban mojito was invented in Havana.  So was the Wide Churchill.  They go well together, after dinner, on a cobbled street in Old Havana.   

The darker the rum the better.  Havana Club is what is served.  The custom here is nice -- the bar man places the bottle next to your glass, for you to pour your own.

Bacardi has not been sold here since the Revolution (their magnificent former Art Deco headquarters in Havana remains, appropriated by the Red Communists and never given back).

Music is nice, too.  Remember to pray for Cuba.  The people have suffered too long.  When you visit and spend your money, you greatly help the starving masses, strangled by a corrupt government.   

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