Tuesday, January 10, 2017

American in Cuba

Yours truly with the glorious Cathedral of Havana, located just a brisk walk from the port.

What can I say?  Visiting here is magical.  It is hands down one of the most satisfying and interesting places I have ever visited anywhere in the world.  To each his own; this place is a home for me.

With great emotion does one pray here for the liberty of a persecuted Catholic people.  An island paradise, rich with history, culture, potential, tourism and everything else.  One can see why the devil targeted it.

Castro left this beautiful land in a maximum state of abject poverty.  Everything is totally falling apart.  He blamed the blockade, but of course everyone knows his family never went hungry.

At least Castro is gone and the nation can heal and move on.  Meanwhile, America slides closer to socialism with every Bernie Sanders supporter.   I would love to see some dynamic new missioners evangelize the entire island from this church.   The potential for evangelization is overwhelming.   



  1. For the task of such an undertaking,one would need a legion of God-loving and materially independent priests and nuns in league with say-The Knights of Malta.And,also a papal blessing with strong support of the local bishops...Maybe one day,when the Immaculate Heart triumphs...

  2. With an Irish Passport, I was able to experience the roots of the Faith in Cuba. It is my hope that Americans, now, can do the same.

  3. Please God, grant the people freedom!