Thursday, May 5, 2016

New Catholic Student Ambassador Scholarships with Orbis Catholicus Travel

Traditional Catholic students on one of our tours in the old Duchy of Savoy.

Student trips are expensive.  Many of the kids cannot afford to pay their own way and have no family to support them in fulfilling their dream to see the pope or the Vatican or to participate in a religious pilgrimage with other youth.

For many kids, such an opportunity is the one and only chance they will have in their lifetime. 

As a freshman in high school my mother signed me up for my first pilgrimage -- it was life-changing.  If only other kids could have the same experience and support from home.

Many large Catholic families simply cannot afford one more additional expense.    

I hope to offer scholarship opportunities on an ad hoc basis for secondary (senior high school) age Catholic students wishing to join us on student trips, namely the annual Chartres Pilgrimage.

If anyone is willing to donate to this cause in sponsoring a student, please contact me directly for details:

Our trips help Catholic kids to succeed in their religious formation by taking them out of their ordinary life and putting them in a setting for religious experience(s).

It is better to illuminate them while there is still time and to deliver to them contemplated truths than to merely expect them to navigate to these harbors on their own.  Kids must be taught and learn to trust Christ and His Bride, the Church. 

"No one was ever lost because his sin was too great, but because his trust was too small."

-Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos

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