Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sacrilege in the City of Angels: Los Angeles Cathedral Turned Into a Party Hall for Rent

Very disturbing to see the power of Satan when we hand over the keys to him.

Some of the images of the events going on in here are unspeakable, including homosexual "weddings," lewd fashion shows and mockeries inside the old confessional boxes.

A lot like what the Communists did.  Visit Cuba and see the Catholic churches closed - even in Havana - and turned into entertainment halls for rent.

In addition, the historic old rectory was sold and converted into a restaurant called "Redbird."

God help us on the day of reckoning.    



  1. Old news. Cardinal Mahoney will have to answer Almighty God for that one. He spent $190 million on a new cathedral!!!!!!

  2. Deconstructivism is a sure sign of the devil.

  3. The new cathedral is a piece of junk! They could of easily spent the $190 million to rebuild and restore the old Cathedral rather than give it to the City.

  4. I thought the new cathedral was necessary because this structure was so severely damaged in an earthquake that it was condemned for public use....was that not what we were told? Seems to be in use now.
    A church...even a cathedral can be given over to profane use provided that the space has been "de-consecrated" - there is a rite for that. However, the interior should have been altered so that any vestige of what it once was would be barely recognisable. It is so disturbing to see that it still appears to be a church with the high altar and sanctuary clearly distinguishable. This is a horror.
    Cardinal Mahony will be 80 tomorrow and out of all his offices and no longer able to vote in conclave. I hope he is also stepping down from the papal Order of the Holy Sepulcher (Grand Prior in LA).
    This is sad.

  5. A travesty. Mahoney will have to answer for this and much, much more. "The 1885 cathedral structure is one of the last remaining buildings from the early period of Los Angeles history." Source:

  6. You forgot to mention the $660 MILLION Mahoney paid out to victims of clergy sexual abuse. This is what happens when lawyers run a diocese (and bishops are asleep at the wheel).