Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My Dad the 1950s Altar Boy

Dad recalls: "The good old days."

Actually, it was a fine time to grow up. 

Everybody had kids then.  My grandparents had 5. 

There were so many boys in the parish, the boys were only permitted to serve at the altar for a couple of years.  

Each boy had to purchase his own cassock and surplice and keep it at home.

Dad recalls the boys would race each other to see who could finish the Confiteor first.

Dad still remembers some Latin, mostly lyrics from the hymns (Credo, Gloria, etc.) as well as the sign of the cross.  

There were very few automobiles and no TVs and so the kids - who were plentiful - played in the streets.

It was a different time.  Dad loved cars.  He was good at math, too.  The education was good in the school.

He received a good catechetical basis for his faith from the nuns.  He was taught to work and was very disciplined in this area.

Dads were typically stern and sometimes feared, but he was close with his dad.   

There was an auxiliary bishop in residence at his parish (1948 - 1956).  He was harsh and the boys feared and disliked him.  The nuns too, were often stern.  They put the fear of God in the kids. 

Those were indeed the days. 

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