Thursday, July 30, 2015

FSSP Camp in Canada

This is very great thing - an annual camp trip for an inner-city parish.

Organized by the Knights of Columbus.

Four nights.  Clergy and parishioners in attendance.  Mass offered each morning.  Swimming in a nearby lake.  Talent show was offered one evening and was a big hit.     

It would be nice to see more parishes offer a similar summer activity.  Affordable, all ages included, easy to organize and something that grows each year.    

For five years Holy Family parish in Vancouver has hosted this wonderful summertime event and truth be told it is the highlight of the year for the kids (and many of the adults!).    

Canadians are expert campers and some of the best camping in the world is in British Columbia.  It was a joy to participate in this event and to be welcomed by the parishioners.  There were about 150 in attendance.  Many thanks to the K of C for this very worthy initiative.  And to the clergy for their support.  Keep up the very fine work!

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  1. Nice! There really are a lot of fine priests in the FSSP.