Saturday, March 7, 2015

Renewal of Wedding Vows and Nuptial Blessing

 The Blessing of Jubilee Weddings
(Collectio Rerum Liturgicarum of Rev. Joseph Wuest, c. 1938, p. 532)

It is quite lawful and proper to celebrate anniversaries of marrige.

The couples come to the altar, or to the communion rail.

The celebrant in surplice and white stole, or wearing the vestments prescribed for the celebration of Mass, excepting the maniple, after an approximate address, makes the couple renew their resolution of continuing to live, with God's grace, until death in their marital union.

The couple, having joined their right hands, the priest blesses them, saying:

"Benedictio Dei omnipotentis Patris (+) et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, descendat super vos et maneat semper.  R. Amen.

Antiphon: Ecce sic benedicetur homo, qui timet Dominum.

Psalm 127: Beati omnes, qui timent Dominium, qui ambulant in viis ejus.  Labores manuum tuarum quia manducabis: beatus es, et bene tibi erit.

Uxor tua sicut vitis abundans, in lateribus domus tuae.
Filii tui sicut novellae olivarum, in circuitu mensae tuae.

Ecce sic benedicetur homo, qui timet Dominum.

Benedicat tibi Dominus ex Sion: et videas bona Jerusalem omnibus diebus vitae tuae.

Et videas filios filiorum tuorum, pacem super Israel.

Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto.

R. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc et semper, et in saecula saeculorum.  Amen.

Antiphon: Ecce sic benedicetur homo, qui timet Dominum.

V. Domine, exaudi orationem meam.
R. Et clamor meus ad te veniat.
V. Dominus vobiscum.
R. Et cum spiritu tuo.


Omnipotens sempiterne Deus; respice propitus super hos famulor tuos, ad templum sanctum tuum pro gratiarum actione laetos accedentes, et praesta, ut post hanc vitam ad aeternae beatitudinis gaudia (cum prole sua) pervenire mereantur.  Per Christum Dominum nostrum.  Amen.

He sprinkles them with holy water in the usual manner.

The Votive Mass of the day may be said, or at Votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary, if the rubrics permit.  At the conclusion, the Te Deum, with the versicle and prayer pro gratiarum actione may be added.

This entire blessing, through nowhere prescribed, is altogether in harmony with the Roman Ritual; but it should be give only to worthy married couples, both ow whom are Catholics. 

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  1. This article on the topic “Renewal of Wedding Vows” was very heart touching. It filled my eyes with tears. Actually my wedding anniversary is coming but we haven’t booked any location for vows yet. We are planning to book an outdoor location this year.