Friday, March 27, 2015

Fr. Z with Fans in Italy

Fr. Z is a veritable walking encyclopedia.  A wealth of general knowledge.  Hearing his tidbits of information in the Eternal City is a bit like being in the presence of an ancient Roman statesman.  I call him the oracle of Western civilization.  His Internet work is the pivotal blog which provides the foundation for understanding what is going on in the Church and world today.  His precognition of the future is based upon an intense knowledge of the past.  Do join us in Rome this autumn for a very unique learning opportunity and travel experience.  Do not miss out.  As a bonus we have a scheduled Mass in the basilica atop the birthplace of St. Benedict in the mountains of Umbria (and time to explore Norcia and taste the local dishes).  Contact me for detailed information.  Click here for the itinerary

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