Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Catholic Intellectual Comments on New Film Pompeii

See here for his interesting analysis:

The glory of Pompeii, with its port in the Bay of Naples.

This film captured my imagination, years before it was even made.

Walking the streets of Pompeii, while gazing upon Mt. Vesuvius,  so many times I remember enjoying the thrill of historical association which is the charm of Pompeii.

The lust those people had for the blood of the arena, reminds one of the lust that modern youth now have for UFC ultimate fighting or goofy video games.  

"With the exception of Seneca, not one of the writers of antiquity, not even the kindly Horace and the gentle Pliny, condemned the degradation of the amphitheatre, and the world had to wait for Christianity before men had the courage and the decency to close such places."

 -H.V. Morton (A Traveller in Rome, p. 162). 

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