Thursday, February 20, 2014

Papal Heraldry

Images from Vesti Papali FB. 

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  1. One of the great feature of Catholicism is that it is a Faith of the senses. The symbolism of the papal tiara carries with it century upon century of tradition. And my personal feeling is that I disagreed with Pope Benedict's decision to remove it from his coat of arms. In Pope Francis' case I am just thankful that he hasn't outlawed episcopal coats of arms.......yet. However the pope's coat of arms no longer uses the tiara so why not create a beautiful stemma using the mitre that the current pope chooses to use? Seeing the tiara over Francis' coat of arms just stirs up feelings that I don't like about all the uneeded changes that have occurred since Vatican II. The tiara is gone and is unlikely to come back, unfortunately. But it is a beautiful coat of arms. I am glad that Pope Francis didn't use that pallium on it like Pope Benedict did.