Saturday, February 15, 2014

Orbis Catholicus Travel

It is here.

See our new site:

The official launch date is set for March 3 at the Vancouver Art Gallery. 

Spread the word.  Yesterday we lit the match and the site went up. 

Deo gratias et Sancto Valentino.

As many of you know, for some years I have been involved in the tourist industry.  

For years people have been asking for more.  This is our response.   

We are specialists in organizing pilgrimages to Italy and other destinations of religious and biblical interest.

Our expertise is in putting together group tours and pilgrimages for churches and other organisations.

This is something we have been doing for years. Now it is raised to a new level.

Whether you are planning to take a small or large group, we wish to hear from you. 

Individuals are most welcome on any of the pilgrimages listed.  If you cannot find the destination or departure date that suits you, then just wait or contact us. 

To be notified when new groups are added, please sign up for our e-news UPDATES which will include travel tips, travel advice, travel incentives, a book club, and much more.

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