Monday, December 30, 2013

Pray for the Popes

Thanks, Richard!


  1. I do pray for poor Pope Benedict daily, but I must admit that I have to force myself to pray for Francis. I feel terrible admitting that. My whole life I have had a natural love for the pope whoever he might be, even Paul VI. But this pope is different. God help us all. I try to remember what our Lady promised. In the end her Immaculate Heart will triumph. This pontificate is going to be a long walk to Calvary, it is a true way of the cross.

  2. i am a conservative Catholic. Not a trad freak. I attend the NO but I also appreciate the EF. I am not liberal in my Catholic views. I am orthodox in my understanding. I live my faith as best I can with God's help. I love my Faith and my Church. Its helping me get to heaven. But, this pope is a real cross for me. Idle talks, his loose lips, comments that confuse and then need back-tracking by Vatican aides. Yes, he is humble....or wants to be seen so....yes has said some very warm and fussy things that make us all feel good....but so many mis-steps and mis-talks. His recent comments about Mary astound me. Saying she never says a word in scripture...has he not read the text about Cana? His saying that at the cross she may well have said that what the angel told her was "a lie" and that heaven "deceived her".
    His driving and old car and not wearing certain papal vestments doesn't impress me. His idle talks hurt me. So many are being confused. That the gay paper ADVOCATE would name a pope "Man of The Year" tells us how confusing he is. I do pray for him. Everyday.

    1. I do also sympathize with you, I certainly felt the same feeling even the first time he appeared on that balcony in Saint Peter's. I felt there is something very different about him. Besides his uncontrollable comments about sensitive issues, he is very informal and "un-popish". He looks like your average parish priest than a Roman Pontiff.

      Gone are the days of the Fanon, Mozetta and Camauro. Gone are the days of beautiful papal ceremonials. Gone are the days of formality, of simplified pomp of Pope Benedict XVI. Now the "false humility", the "stripped-down" ritual devoid of anything papal, the "title-abolishing" ways of His Holiness the Bishop of Rome are commonplace. What a failure of the supposed Reform-of-the-Reform in the Sacred Liturgy with this Pope. He seemed not to care with any attention to his own liturgies or words unlike the Pope Emeritus. He even said that his style is "emancipated".

      Pray for him. He certainly needs it very much.