Friday, June 28, 2013

Catholic Culture: Summer Camping Trips

Every summer of my youth was spent on Wisconsin lakes.  The highlight was Tomahawk Scout Reservation.  I learned a lot.  The life of a woodsman for a boy is important. 

Pope John Paul II camped every summer from the 1940s until his election in 1978.  Always in the gorgeous Tatra mountains near his beloved Krakow.  In the Carpathians.  Daily Mass was included.  When I think of it I can often hear Beethoven's 7th Symphony, 2nd movement.  He camped with parish youth.  

Camping is cheap and easy and fun.  Even if you are a tenderfoot.  It contributes to the mental and spiritual development of youth.  Don't  hesitate.   

It was the famous American camper and writer, Stewart Edward White, who often said: "Items of mental and moral equipment you may need will come to you by natural development in the environment to which the wild life brings you."   

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