Friday, September 23, 2011

Rome's Famous Cat on Bike

Just about every day this man can be seen biking through Rome with this sleepy gattone on his shoulders. To say the least, it's quite a sight!


  1. LOL! Is there any limit to the crazy things a cat will do? :D

  2. How does the beastie stay on the cyclist's shoulders without falling off?

    Using its claws, perhaps? Ouch!

    Many years ago I saw a little dog do the same on its master's shoulders. I don't think it even touched the ground, tell you the truth!


  3. I saw him this June (2012), SO happy there are photos of him to show my family as I'm not sure they believed me!

  4. Im from Rome Italy
    This guy is an istitution! Every day it go around the city with his bike and that fluffy cat from years!