Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rome's Palazzo Spada: Borromini's Perspective

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  1. Salve! I spent my college years in Rome, in the early 1970's,[when the Loyola Rome Center was located on Monte Mario's Via della Camilluccia, and then, n the Via Trionfale) - and this 'study of perspective' [Borromini's Hermes}was one of my favorite spots in Rome to share with visitors. I'd really like to send your photo to someone I knew during that period. Hope that's okay -this was a great reminder.. -back then, this Borromini arcade/pavillion site was 'off the beaten track', and even a couple of years ago, when I looked, it was difficult to find pictures of it n the internet. -Great to see a young fellow, exulting in The Eternal City [that must be what makes it, 'Eternal', I guess!) Have a Piazza Navona gelato for me! All Best Wishes...