Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Old Buildings in Rome

Now and then in downtown Rome you will see older construction, such as this property, located just behind the Palazzo Farnese. Notice how the first floor was the stable? Countless historic buildings such as this were destroyed in Rome after the year 1870, when Rome was rebuilt to appear as a modern European capital.


  1. Yes, the savoyard usurpation was a tragedy for the cultural heritage of Rome. Now it the once so beautiful city rich of medieval, renaissance and baroque artefacts is defiled by numerous monstrosities like the "Vittoriano", THe palace of Justice and numerous other insipidness

  2. Well, at least you don't have horse and livestock smells coming up through your bedroom and kitchen floors!
    And Mussolini did a lot of it to make Rome more "Roman".

  3. "Rome more "Roman""

    of course more pagan and acathalic, and annihilating centuries evolved structures.

  4. The Rome of the Popes is more admirable than vain monuments of idolaters and blood-besmeared imperators.