Monday, January 17, 2011

Meet Mons. Gänswein: the Pope's Private Secretary

A.k.a. "Il Bello."
He is truly an amazing person. Super nice. A towering presence. And his spoken Italian is gorgeous.
I hope someday he will be pope, too.


  1. Does he have bodyguards?

  2. Has a Pope's secretary ever become a Pope himself? Stanislaw Dziwisz, John Paul II's secretary was appointed Archbishop of Krakow in 2006, and, became one of the successors of his former boss. Most likely, a similar fate is waiting for bel Giorogio after Benedict's departure. Even though the current Archbishop of München und Freising, Reinhard Cardinal Marx is quite young for cardinals' standards(57), and nowhere to go any time soom. So, there may be another prestigious German archdiocese waiting to be guided by the young priest!
    Thank you for your wonderful posting!

  3. Does anyone know his rank as a monsignor? Is he a prelate of honour or a protonotary apostolic supernumerary? What about Mgr Marini? His rank?

  4. As Fonzie in the old 'Happy Days' sitcom would say: 'Eyyyyy'....Bel'Giorgio, indeed!
    I've only heard his voice once, and that was in a video at the end of the Holy Father's UK visit; he was trying to get everyone together for the group photo at Oscott College, Birmingham, and the Rector had gone missing! He said something like, 'Where's the Rector?' He sounded more Italian than German!
    Well, we love him anyway! ; )

    Barb in NY

  5. John,

    If you can get this close to Monsignor Ganswein in an informal setting, is there any way you can ask him to please ask the Holy Father to offer the TLM, and SOON?

    All Christendom would be in your debt!

    ~ Jon in Pennsylvania

  6. I think he could be a good Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. I can't wait to see him a Cardinal!

  7. I agree what Paula said hope one day he will be coming cardinal I can't not wait tha happen.