Sunday, January 30, 2011

Back When Papal Liturgies Were Gorgeous

Grandma always said: "All the little extras count" and frankly she was right.
The extras all had meanings behind them and when the extras were done away with, meanings were hit hard and this had not been calculated properly by the reformists working for the pope who in the end squandered away oh so much.


  1. This photo is hysterical, because it shows Paul VI in such a magnificent setting....the very man who debased Papal ceremonies to the point of the mundane ordinary every day Novus Ordo in any parish......and John Paul II who allowed practically for every and all expermientations and abuses at Papal Masses (Communion in the hand, dancing, profane songs, bizarre additions and experimentations, etc.)

  2. Remove the spectacles and the photo almost becomes timeless.

  3. Papal liturgies are gorgeous, thankfully, once more...