Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Roman Biretta

Here can be seen the biretta in stile Romano.

The pom-pom, a French innovation, not seen here.


  1. Innovation implies that the pom is somehow wrong. Yet a Roman bishop and Monsignor both wear a tufted biretta. These are 19th- or early 20th-century introductions, I think, but show that the tufted biretta is not out of place in Rome and has been appropriated there.

  2. "Innovation implies that the pom is somehow wrong"

    for you the word innovation necessariliy implies somethong wrong? how sad...

  3. Let's consult:

    Josph Braun: Die Liturgische Gewandung im Occident und Orient – nach Ursprung und Entwicklung, Verwendung und Symbolik, Herdersche Verlagshandlung, Freiburg, 1904

    where you can read about the history of the biretta:

    Have a look at the following drawing.

    It seems that the pompon was added after the 17th century.