Thursday, April 9, 2015

What the Agnus Dei Looks Like

Just a tiny piece of blessed wax, preserved inside this stitched leather holder.

I think the last time these were made was 1964. 


  1. JP, unfortunately that's not an actual Agnus Dei, but just a piece, it looks like, of possibly a blessed one. yes, I understand that it was in 1964 that they were last made (by the pope, of course).

    Here is what an actual one looks like:

  2. Indeed. However, they were cut up like this and this is how they were distributed - as sacramentals for distribution - this one was prepared by the Cistercian sisters of Santa Susanna, Rome. As such they were placed with pregnant women in labor, on a dangerous job site, with soldiers, or even in a wallet or purse, etc.