Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pope of Peasants

Every pope is known for something.  

Someday Benedict XVI will be proclaimed a doctor of the Church.

Meanwhile, we have Francis, who speaks the language of the common man.

Every pope is different and makes his mark.  


  1. Deo gratias, I had hoped he would be talking about that kind of poverty some day.

  2. Francis is an antipope.

  3. I am a peasant, been poor all my life, was once homeless, and to be honest, Benedict XVI appeals much more to me. Not saying I don't like Francis, because I surely do like him, I just can't relate to him on an intellectual level.

  4. Does a truly humble man take the motto, "Humble but chosen"?

    1. Pope Francis takes his motto Miserando atque Eligendo, “Lowly but Chosen” from a homily of St. Bede on the calling of Matthew in the Gospel of Matthew. St. Bede said that, “He [Jesus] saw him [Matthew] through the eyes of mercy and chose him.”

      While this has been his motto since he was made Archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1997, it is quite fitting for the man who has already been called “The People’s Pope.” Not merely because he is “lowly, but chosen” to lead our Church, but also because we are all “lowly, but chosen.”

  5. Where's the Strenght of the Holy Spirit?
    Is in Pope Franciscus?
    We pray the Lord for him.