Saturday, March 23, 2013

Article I Wrote Some Weeks Ago for the LifeCanada Journal

Two Modern Tragedies: Abortion Cataclysm and School Shootings

By JPSonnen

It’s a good week to be a pro-lifer, I told a friend last December over dinner, my eyes filling up.  She knew exactly what I meant, and nearly burst into tears.

What happened just before Christmas at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., was and remains terrible on every level, but for pro-life activists it is also in some ways akin to what has become normal since the awful 1969 abortioneering law in Canada   taking the life of innocent kids. 

When Dawn Hochsprung, Natalie Hammond and Mary Sherlach, respectively the Sandy Hook principal, vice-principal and psychologist, heard the sounds of Adam Lanza shooting his way through the locked front doors of their school, they ran to attempt to stop the killing. 

All were women.  Six staff – four teachers as well as Ms. Hochsprung and Ms. Sherlach – were killed alongside twenty of their young charges.  Others were luckier.  All demonstrated remarkable grit and presence of mind. 

Parents have had trouble sleeping – all of us thinking about the massacre that took place in Newtown.  Twitter and Facebook were full of messages of the type: “Gave my kids extra hugs tonight.  Save our kids!  Love them more than ever.  Protect our children!” 

My sizeable contingent of pro-life friends have all been saying the same thing: Terrible indeed, but what about  abortion?   Human life is being destroyed on an unimaginably vast scale.  And it is legal.  How many kids are killed by the heart-stopping abortionist’s curette?   And where does the money go?  Meanwhile the mega-press straddle and dither about “one theory of when life begins” while never addressing the politically neutral scientific data which supports the concept of prenatality as one of the many passages in our lives.  The unborn infant cannot be heard; it cannot be read; it cannot demonstrate or parade through the streets.  It cannot even be arrested and thrown in jail for civil disorder.  When will we count the preborn kids?

Perhaps we might consider giving careful scrutiny to this moral absolute: that the destruction of any living being, whether a child student, embryo, defective fetus, or neonate, is an act of irretrievable finality; that one life is not fungible with another; and that the value of each human life transcends ordinary mensuration.  Today we live in an age of acute dichotomy: prenatality, molecular genetics, fetal medicine, fetal surgery, and human abortion – all are carried out – on the same premises.    

Abortion is hideously politicized by board, government and union in North America.   None of us are so naïve as to think the case of abortion will be decided as it should be, purely on its bio-ethical merits, anytime soon.  Nevertheless, the increasing weight of the scientific data indisputably confirming the humanity of the unborn continues to ever push in one direction.  At the same time, we might compare the crystalline selflessness of the pro-life advocate to the shabby greed and materialism of the abortion industry and the ruthless self-gratification of the abortion business. 

It seems that we are attempting to traverse a pool of quicksand on ballet slippers when we instruct our teenage boys that it is not okay to kill children, but okay to kill preborn children.  Canadian physicians ought to declare an immediate moratorium on the destruction of life until we have explored every feasible alternative and until we more fully comprehend the inexpressible divinity of existence.   

And one final word, if I may, to pro-life advocates.  Our movement has  – especially in Canada -  been tragically hobbled by factionalism and disunity.  No social revolution, or even counter-revolution, can succeed without the public appearance of unity and harmony within the ranks.   It may be time to sort out the factional differences in the pro-life ranks and resolve the dissidence in this movement  so that we may finally begin to achieve some legislative victories.  I fear that without unity we will condemn ourselves repeatedly to the bitter dregs of disappointment and defeat. 

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  1. Excellent essay. A+
    "And where does the money go?" Abortion is legal, because abortionists give their profits to politicians. Similarly, teachers' unions are powerful, because union leaders give their profits to politicians. Thus, every politician who uses money from abortions and teachers to win elections are unethical, disgusting leaders. Eric of Sweden and Joan of Arc, orate pro nobis.