Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Requiem for the Holy Roman Emperor

Thanks, Anton!


  1. A fitting farewell for a great Christian.

  2. I was there on Stephansplatz, i saw his coffin pass in front of me. it was a beautiful ceremony.

    HIRH Dr. Otto von Habsburg was a man of peace and hope, respected by many people within and outside the borders of the former k.u.k. Monarchy. most of them respected him for who he was and not for who his ancestors were.

    He was no Holy Roman Emperor, and he never claimed to be one. He was the son and inheriter of the last Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary. The Holy Roman Empire was abolished more than a hundred years before he was even born.

    as our closest and best allies are Americans allways welcome to live in Europe, but please do not start distributing European historical titles. it is our land and history after all...

  3. The really most important point of the ceremony was the Homily of Cardinal Schönborn who pointed out that the deceased O.v.Habsburg had taken over the vision and the mission of defending and constructing peace in Europe after the horror of two great wars, mentioning too that the first one resulted in the failure of Emporer Franz Joseph I.

  4. More even than the Holy Roman Empire. There's a book out there called _The Last Descendent of Aeneas_. Otto von Habsburg is mentioned in the afterward.

  5. "...failure of Emporer Franz Joseph I. "

    A smug verdict, very typical to Schoenborn in general. To blame this great catholic and apostolic monarch Francis Joseph I for the great war is either a hypocrite prostration before the historiography of the anglosaxon and french victors or pure cluelessness.

  6. Cardinal Schönborn must be a confusing phenomenon for ultra traditionalist Catholics. despite being one of the most liberal Cardinals, he is also a high ranking aristocrat with the deepest personal connections to the core of the traditionalist Catholic elite. One would ask himself, how can someone be so arogant to question the authenticy of a man who is approved by all leading trads from Pope Benedict to the House of Habsburg.

    and actually, his Homily for the Requiem of Otto von Habsburg was perfect.