Monday, February 15, 2010

Rome Stoles

Always the richest quality of craftsmanship for the Holy of Holies.

Yes, Christ the King was human, BUT ALSO FULLY DIVINE having two natures united in the divine nature.

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  1. +LJC.


    Sorry and I don't mean to knit pick - this is a great blog - but on a Theological level, you may want to change the wording of the post. Our Lord is indeed fully human and also fully Divine, but His two natures - Divine and Human - are united hypostatically not in the Divine 'nature' but in the Divine Person.

    It's only a word but a very important one Theologically as it says something fundamental about the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. So, perhaps, for clarity and Orthodoxy, you may want to change thw wording.

    Keep up the good work and especially the lovely pictures. I thoroughly enjoy the blog.