Saturday, July 23, 2016

Liz Lovett RIP: A Catholic Saint!

A Terrific Annual Pilgrimage in Canada: Youth Groups and Parishes Participate!

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Annual FSSP Camping Trip in Canada

Annual FSSP Holy Family camping trip on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, Canada.

The camp is held at Fintry Provincial Park, on the former estate of Captain J.C. Dun-Waters, the Laird of Fintry.

The trip was a huge success and a highlight of the year for the kids.  Many thanks to the clergy, families, the K of C and all the organizers, Carl, Mark and everyone.  

It was Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who once said, "To destroy a people you must first sever their roots."  This has been true of the liturgy in many respects.  Latin rite Catholics of today have little or no knowledge of their liturgical roots.  This is problematic.  A turning toward the Extraordinary Form of the Roman rite is to make a return to our roots, to the same sources of light and founts of grace that fed our ancestors and the centuries.  It is to know our roots.        


What a Good Friday Crotalus Looks Like

This is the design of a Good Friday "clapper" if anyone wishes to have one made for their parish.

This particular clapper has no metal nails -- it is made entirely of wood. 

The Heresy of Islam

Friday, July 22, 2016

STOP Mrs. Bill Clinton

I believe Hillarity is under the influence of the demonic.  Pray for her conversion.

Thanks, Fr. Kevin! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rome Quotes

"In general, however, the heads of Catholic institutions do not prohibit the teaching of heresies not because they have definitely lost their faith, but because they yield to public opinion and to fashion.  They fear to be called 'reactionaries.'  They shudder at the thought of violating this allegedly holy academic freedom.  Of these St. Augustine says: 'Who is the hireling who, seeing the approach of the wolf, takes flight?  He who seeks himself and does not seek what is of Jesus Christ; he who does not dare to frankly admonish the sinner (1 Tim. 5:20).  See, someone has sinned, gravely sinned; he should be admonished, excluded from the Church.  But, excluded from the Church, he will become its enemy and will try to ensnare it and harm it where he can.  Now the hireling, the one who seeks himself and not what is of Jesus Christ, will be silent and will not give any admonition, in order not to lose what he seeks, namely the advantages of personal friendship, and in order to avoid the unpleasantness, worry and personal enmity.  The wolf at that moment takes hold of the sheep to throttle them...You are silent O hireling, and do not admonish...Your silence is your flight.  You are silent, you are afraid.  Fear is the flight of the soul. (St. Augustine, Tractatus in Joannem, XLVI, 7-8)'."

-Dietrich von Hildebrand

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Classic Cars in Cuba

One of the joys of spending time in Cuba is to take taxis.  These lovely old cars have a lot of character.

Taxis are not expensive (and the drivers are honest).  You can fit a lot of people into one.  Wait for the convertible you like, wave it down, and you're off to the races.   

Cuban Altar Boys

Please pray for these boys, serving in the Cathedral of Havana.  

Remember them in a special way in your prayers.  

Cuba is in vast need of a native clergy.  And missionary clergy.

Pray for religious vocations.  One still sees a lot of nuns in Cuba, although they are foreign born missionaries from Latin America.   

Cuban Beach

Feeding the locals on a rain day. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Havana, Cuba

Tour of a Cigar Factory in Havana: H. Upmann Founded in 1844

A lot of history here.  Our group thoroughly enjoyed our tour of this factory, one of many.  Many thanks to our tour guide!   

Cohiba: The Best Cuban Cigar

Cohiba is the finest premium cigar produced in Cuba.  They are flawless.  The tobacco has undregone an extra fermentation process.  As perfect as a cigar can be made. 

And the most pricey.  Prices are set by the government.  There are no deals.  Cuban cigars are not cheap, even in Cuba.   Yours truly has only smoked one of these in my life.  Too expensive. 

Inside warning: do not buy cigars on the street or beach in Cuba -- they are likely made not of tobacco, but of shredded banana leaves.

Cohiba was initiated by Castro as a limited production/private brand for the rich.  Before he quit smoking these were his favorite.  They are still given as diplomatic gifts.  So much for his communism babble about everyone being equal.      

Havana Seminary

Recently restored.  The Pope visited here.

Yours truly took these photos from the bus; it was the best I could do. 

The seminary is located in a lovely old wealthy Spanish part of Havana, a distance from Old Town. 

Havana is a big city and taxis are plentiful.  It definitely helps to have an auto.   

Prominent Downtown Havana Basilica Today a Concert Hall

This had been the most bustling parish in downtown Havana.  It was Franciscan.  Located in a great part of Old Town, just a few footsteps from the famous Port of Havana, which connected the New World to the Old World.  Today it is a concert hall.  It would be nice to see it and the historic attached monastery given back to Franciscans.  It has been owned by the government since 1907.  In 1762, the year of the English control over Havana, the British commandeered the church for Anglican services.

Cuban (Spanish) Ciborium

Seen at the Cathedral of Havana. 

Protestant Church in Cuba

Churches can be seen everywhere in Cuba.  It was not like the Russian Revolution where many churches were destroyed and no one was permitted to rebuild.  Many of these churches have been constructed after the Cuban Revolution.

The Communism in Cuba came later after the Revolution and it was not Soviet-style, but a languid Caribbean style.  Cubans are very laid back.

Castro's story is quite sad.  He had been partly educated by Spanish Jesuits (he came from a wealthy, Spanish-Cuban family, land owners).  Castro was a gifted student, an educated man, a college graduate,  he spoke English quite well in my opinion, he was a lawyer and honeymooned in New York City.

Then it all changed when he got mixed up in the spirit of violent revolution -- killing one regime to replace it with more of the same.  The people cry out to be freed from bondage.  Blame is the one thing he did best.        

Cuban Taxi (De Soto)

De Soto was a great car, sadly dropped in 1960.  Bring it back along with Pontiac and Packard!

The auto marque was named after the great Spanish explorer and conquistador who led the first European expedition into the United States (Florida, Georgia and Alabama).  He was also the first documented European to cross the mighty Mississippi River.

Old World Cuba

People live here.  The chickens roam freely, with no fence, but always return. 

Cuba is infinitely more poor today than it was before the Castro revolution.  Castro simply blames the U.S. embargo.  

St. Elvira: Cuban Church in Resort Town of Varadero

Just a few minutes walk from the beach, on main street in Varadero.

There is only Mass on Sunday.  The church is sometimes open during the week.  In the winter, the church is packed with Canadians who vacation here.

Varadero is where the best vacation resorts are located that are nearest to Havana.     

What you see here is a simple construction model that could be easily copied anywhere in the world.  Adequate church with attached rectory and garage.  St. Elvira's was constructed in the 1930s.

Ave Maris Stella!

Cuban Lobster: the Best in the World

The best yours truly has ever tasted.  Grilled on charcoal.  Not so pricey, as in other locals around the world.