Monday, March 2, 2015

Support Persecuted Christians in the Middle East

With forces of evil waging war on Christian civilization in many countries, and persecuted Christians in Syria and Iraq fleeing to Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, the future of Christianity in the Middle East continues in a state of increased peril.

Already 120,000 Christians have fled their homelands in Iraq, and are either displaced within the country or have become refugees elsewhere.  Syria has seen a gradual flight of Christians over the last few years.

In both cases many refugees will remain in camps for indefinite periods of time.  These children and adults are totally dependent upon our help and have had a difficult winter. 

AID TO THE CHURCH IN NEED is an international pontifical organization which has been helping the poor and the persecuted since 1947.  It offers assistance in the way of shelter, food, medical support, schooling for refugee children and comfort to those in need.

The work that AID TO THE CHURCH IN NEED does is only possible through the generosity of Christians like you.  Please pray for its work, and take home their intentions in your heart while sharing with them financially. 

Pray for the freedom and exultation of Holy Mother Church in the Middle East as well as for the conversion of the evil oppressors of Christianity in the Middle East. 

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