Thursday, March 5, 2015

Save Christians in the Middle East

Christians are under attack everywhere.

In the Middle East many are in grave physical peril.

The last vestiges of Christianity are being extinguished in some parts of the world.  

How to help?  What to do?

Give to the papal organization for humanitarian and pastoral support: the

Catholic Near East Welfare Association.

Millions of people, Christians and others alike, have been forced to leave their homes because of violent conflict and extremism. 

For Christians - mostly in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Libya - increasing harassment, attacks and killings have put extra pressure on this very fragile and vulnerable community. 

The very survival of Christians in the Middle East is at risk, and if these tendencies persist, most of them will leave the region never to return. 

Do not leave these persecuted Christians alone. 

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  1. There will be a Prayer Vigil Rally for Peace on Friday, March 13, 2015 to pray for Persecuted Martyred Christians, Minorities and Neighbors in Iraq, Syria, in our own Nation and Around the World. We are in NYC, USA. We will celebrate Mass at 6PM at Holy Innocents Church and pray in Herald Square, March to Times Square and return to the front of the Church.