Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to Hold the Chalice at the Elevation

Archbishop Sheen's Russian Jasper stone Chalice by Keibel.  In his last will and testament he gave and bequeathed this chalice to St. Patrick's Cathedral.


  1. It makes perfect sense to encourage priests to hold the chalice according to the old rubrics but only IF they refuse communion in the hand. The whole point of this is the eucharistic crumbs and not allowing any to fall or be desecrated. With today's communion in the hand and the troops of Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers the Divine crumbs are everywhere and in everything. I remember that there was a course taught in one seminary about "The Theology of the Crumbs" and how the Church had long since moved past such prissily pious sentimentalism. Good luck in plugging the dyke.

  2. Because of this alone have I always been a convinced advocate of the EF.