Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When It is Sectarian, And Not Universal, It Is Not Catholic

I don't know anyone who still reads the NCR, let alone anyone who pays money for a subscription.

I have heard some say they "like" senior correspondent Mr. John Allen and so they "sometimes" refer to the website.

As a kid, our liberal pastor purchased many subscriptions (of which the parish had to foot the bill). The ushers were instructed to diligently place them in the back of church.  I knew a church lady who threw them all in the garbage.  That pastor is long since retired. 

The NCR has really missed the boat on the dynamism of evangelization.  Proclamation only reaches full development when it is listened to, accepted and assimilated, and when it arouses a genuine adherence in the one who has thus received it.  An adherence to the truths which the Lord in His mercy has revealed. But, the NCR advertises a broken proclamation which has never been actually Catholic.  In contrast, we must always act fully in communion with the Church and Her pastors. 

And even if the NCR claim for their ideological postulates and their norms of action theological data and conclusions, even if they pretend to be today's theology - the NCR carries within itself the germ of its own negation and fails to reach the ideal that it proposes for itself in latching onto the name "Catholic."  

Many were ensnared by the political polarization and fashionable ideologies of the sixties.  Even though most of that is now behind us, many remnants remain - isolated within themselves while still calling themselves "Catholic."  Their spirit of opposition cuts them off from the Church, whose unity they wound.  Their attitude of fault-finding and rejection with regard to the Church's outward manifestations, Her hierarchy, Her signs, are dangerous lines to follow.  By following these lines their main inspiration very quickly became ideological, and it rarely happened that they did not quickly fall victim to some political option or current fad of thought, and then to a system, (even heresy?), with all the attendant risks of becoming its instrument.  Luckily, their ever present style of systematic protest and hypercritical attitude, under the pretext of authenticity and a spirit of collaboration, is no longer in style.   

Here is a quote from Evangelii Nuntiandi which seems to fit:

"Having been sent and evangelized, the Church Herself sends out evangelizers.  She puts on their lips the saving Word, She explains to them the message of which She Herself is the depositary, She gives them the mandate which She Herself has received and She sends them out to preach.  TO PREACH NOT THEIR OWN SELVES OR THEIR PERSONAL IDEAS, BUT A GOSPEL OF WHICH NEITHER SHE NOR THEY ARE THE ABSOLUTE MASTERS AND OWNERS, TO DISPOSE OF IT AS THEY WISH, BUT A GOSPEL OF WHICH THEY ARE THE MINISTERS, IN ORDER TO PASS IT ON WITH COMPLETE FIDELITY."  -Paul VI


  1. I never read it;never visit the site. Anything I ever hear about it is pretty,or very dismal.

  2. A publication of negativity. Do any of us know anyone who subscribes?

  3. The strangest thing about it is that a group that claims to "Celebrate Diversity!" and "Welcome the future of the church!" remains over 90% White and middle/upper middle class. Look at the pictures of the "Nuns on the Bus"; this would only be the "Future of the Church" if today were 1860. The Tea Party and Republican National Convention had more non-White faces in them, for crying out loud. Vermont is better integrated. Cream cheese more colorful.