Sunday, February 13, 2011

Roman Basilica of Sts. John and Paul: Cardinal Spellman's Restoration

Facade looking great courtesy of Frank Card. Spellman (see his coat-of-arms at top).


  1. to bad he kept the chandelier-shop inside.

  2. Weddings are very popular at this church.

  3. He put the chandeliers in. They, and the chairs, are from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in NYC. I guess His Eminence got them at a good price.

  4. Chandeliers in Roman Basilicas are a tradition. St. Peter's in Rome used to have them(until after Paul VI and his cohort of liturgical hacks pulled them down).

    At great feasts in St. Peter's (a canonization, a Papal Mass, a Papal coronation etc.), the chandeliers in St. Peter's would be lit, and the entire sactisty up to the Papal altar would be ablaze in light and color from the crystal chandeliers. They were pulled down around 1969, right when the Novus Ordo junk was introduced.
    There are still afew Roman Basilicas where the chandeliers are in place, and turned on at major occasions.