Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tomb of St. Philomena

Mugano del Cardinale, near Naples.



    I'm just wondering why the image of the Mother of Good Counsel of Genezzano is with her... Is there a story behind that...

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    1. Sorry, Sally... but St. Philomena isn't counted among the Incorruptibles. The body shown in the photos is a "simulacrum", a life-sized statue intended to represent her sacred body in repose; I read somewhere that the image is made of paper mache and encased within it are relics of her bones, which were retreived from the Catacombs of St. Priscilla. None the less, St. Philomena is a wonderful Saint and truly an effective intercessor before the throne of God for those who turn to her with confidence.

    2. ACTUALLY, her blood WAS found incorruptible when her remains were discovered!
      Also, the paper-mache statue has been known to move positions, and that the hair is ACTUAL human hair and it grows!!!!! Cool, huh?
      I love this girl. She's my confirmation saint. Her and I are good buddies. :D