Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pray for the Pope

Every pope leaves a legacy.

St. John Paul II was a saint. 

Pray for Pope Francis.  It seems he is frequently putting people down in his sermons.  Scolding clergy from the pulpit and preaching down to people as if they are unruly school kids.

Getting unnecessarily involved in politics and not infrequently bashing people over the head.  Purging "conservatives" from the Roman Curia. 

None of this has ever been germane of the mission of the papacy.    

So much of this confusion and spiritual genocide is unnecessary.

He left a diocese in ruins in Buenos Aires.

Fra' Matthew was forced to resign under duress for following his noble conscience.  People everywhere are remarking: "So much for the year of mercy?"

Especially harmful has been the continued purging of what I believe to have been the most stellar of new religious orders in Italy, the Franciscan Friars (and Sisters) of the Immaculate, shattered to pieces and left in a ruined state while the Legionaries of Christ (and every other order under the sun) has received a free pass.

Since when has the destruction and putting down of good Catholic things been in the purview of the papacy? This behavior has become a genuine concern for lay faithful. 

Pray the next pope will be more prudent and more of a spiritual father, walking hand in hand with his sons.  A servant of the people, in the spirit of St. John Paul the Great.  


  1. Yes...check it out brother.

  2. The reason the left wins is because they want it more. Traditional Catholics, rise up!

  3. Hi JP.
    I really respect your catholic zeal, but this time I don't think is apropiate to generalize. The great majority of Legionaries of Christ are not corrupt, faithful to the Church and the Magisterium, as well as hardworking. Some even live in the jungle of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo with little resources serving the poor and forgotten, while some people are feasting their passions and squandering in nearby Cancun.

    In my parish Mexico City they joyfully fill in when our parish priest or the vicar is unable to celebrate mass.

    They respect the missal and the liturgy, and don't lead people into error trying to be merciful, they tell the hard truth that set the children of God free, without a false and dangerous sentimental mercy.

    Thanks for your service through this blog, it has been faith edifying for many years.

  4. The Holy Father seems to be less holy and less of a father and more of a tyrant.
    Yes, he appears to be humble and simple and kisses babies with abandon and has pizza with the poor but he scares me. I am an ordinary mainstream Catholic who attends Mass and supports my parish. But, Pope Francis embarrasses me more and more and I feel he is damaging the Faith and hurting souls not helping them. He seems to be an ogre and more of a Borgia pope that a pope in the mould of the XXth and XXIst centuries. I do pray for him because something is wrong.

  5. Indeed, the LC never received the re-foundation necessary for a clean start. There was no name change. Under the careful direction of Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, the papal delegate, the order was not suppressed with a proper new foundation. It is shocking Don Álvaro Corcuera Martínez del Río was kept in power, until his mysterious death by cancer. It is not enough the tab collar shirt was ushered in (which is not a palpable change).

  6. Tell him to STOP giving interviews to the secular press!