Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Vogliamo Ricordarla Così (E Non Così)

After a disjointed video introduction, we had 15 minutes of someone's favorite Pinterest animals.

The first image with lanterns is how the basilica was lit up for canonizations (photo taken in 1933).  Couldn't they just digitally recreate this to inspire people?  


  1. Is nothing sacred?

  2. Outrageous. Profanation. Disquieting. Insulting.
    St Peter's is a sacred space. What took place was grossly inappropriate. There can be no excuse for this. There can be no persuasive argument to justify this.
    An animal picture show. A gorilla and a lion and fish thrown across the facade of this Temple. Unbelieveable.
    Is this the Francis affect?
    Try doing this in Mecca...or do this light show ...this same the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.
    It wouldn't happen. Sad. The Church is in a mess. Lord help us.
    How could the pope permit this?

  3. couldn't "they" just...
    "They" is Pope Francis
    He is a horrible, destructive nightmare.