Friday, December 11, 2015

Famous Pilgrim Way in Mexico: The Calz de Guadalupe Avenue

It is 2.5 kilometers straight and can take pilgrims groups over an hour to walk. 

Here you will see the longest procession of pilgrim groups anywhere in the Christian world today.  Massive, singing, smiling groups led by banners and singing faithful.  It is a fascinating spectacle.   

Locals will explain that Lourdes is a place of healing, Fatima a place of penance, and Guadalupe is a place of joy.  The people come to visit their mother.  There is happiness.  

Millions each year walk along this way to the Basilica and Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

On her feast day alone, on December 12, an estimated 5 million pilgrims get off their buses and walk this avenue.  Pilgrims come en masse year round, but most especially during those days, December 9 and 12, the two days the Holy Mother appeared to St. Juan Diego.

It would be nice to see the vestiges of Masonic government make peace with God and His holy Church and develop this area.  There is tremendous opportunity for real estate development.  It is not the safest neighborhood.  They should bulldoze the dangerous slum and build a mini-Puebla, with enchanting squares, splashing fountains, cute boutiques and inns for pilgrims.  Government would benefit as much as church.  

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