Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Give Online to Pro-Life

LifeCanada, a national pro-life organization in Canada, needs your help.  I have been asked to post an appeal here.  They have no money and need your help.  This is URGENT.   

Dear Friends of Love and Truth:

A few weeks ago a woman telephoned our office to say that she was newly pregnant, alone, and considering abortion. By the time the conversation ended, she was thanking God for her options, and eager to hear more about adoption.

Lives are being saved. Hearts and minds are being educated. This is the work of LifeCanada.

Everything we do to educate is making a difference, whether it is our national conference, our polling, our pamphlets, our journal or simply our force of presence on the Hill. Often in the eyes of the world the difference we make is small and imperceptible, but we rejoice in the fruits of our life-saving work.

Mahatma Gandhi, an enormously effective politician and the personification of the Indian resistance, was once asked how so humble a man could rally a third of a billion of the most downtrodden people on earth to bring the mighty British empire to its knees in the subcontinent. His answer was simple: “By love and truth,” he said with a smile, “In the long run, no force can prevail against them.”

Combined with the increasing weight of the scientific data indisputably confirming the humanity of the unborn, we see victory on the horizon, but we are not there yet. For many of us, to deny that abortion is murder is to deny that the earth is round or that blood circulates. But there is still much work to be done in the area of education.

Please assist our work with your donation. With your help, we will continue to work toward a culture in which, by law and public resolve, every human life is protected, respected and valued from conception until natural death. We cannot do this without you.

Spring is here! And you can partner with us to water and nurture your investment. We will be faithful as we look after the bulbs we have planted together. We know that bulbs do not look anything like flowers, but when planted with care, watered and looked after, at the right time in the shine of spring, these bulbs blossom into the most perfect flowers. The soil is ready. We are fast at work to preserve, protect and promote the inexpressible divinity of existence, human life.

Please be generous and help us by making a safe, on-line donation today: www.lifecanada.org.

Thank you!


Executive Director

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